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Natalia Gilmore is a knitwear designer and knitter, she lives in a beautiful home in Seattle, WA with her husband of five years. She learned to knit and crochet from her mother as a child growing up in Siberia.

After graduating from Altai State University with a degree in Theology, she moved to Moscow and became a philosophy teacher. With a life fully dedicated to Philosophy, History of Religions and a full-time teaching job there was little time for knitting and other hobbies. But when she married and moved to the US she rediscovered her passion for knitting.

Now she is an avid knitter – unable to go a day without working on at least one project; hands unable to rest while she does so otherwise watching TV or movies. She loves all kinds of knitting in general, but lace knitting in particular. Natalia is fond of designing elegant lace accessories and flattering, fashionable knit garments. Nature-inspired motifs can be found in much of her work.

When not knitting (which is rare) she enjoys practicing yoga and meditation; fantasy films and books; traveling; communing with nature and playing the piano.

At LaceKnit you will find patterns that can be purchased as PDF downloads, as well as shawls, stoles and garments hand knitted by Natalia. If you have any questions or would like to contact LaceKnit, please write to:

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