Aug 25, 2015

Rococo Socks

The ambitious design of these socks is based on one gorgeous Japanese stitch pattern - slightly adapted and simplified, but still quite intricate and complex.

The process of knitting of this pair of socks requires your complete attention on each rnd - there are absolutely NO "rest rows". And by saying "complete attention" I mean absolute concentration  - to the point where you kind of lose the sense of reality. You can't knit them and have a meaningful conversation, or even chat, you can't listen to or hear anything, and you can forget about knitting and watching or reading something at the same time. While knitting these socks, don't start heating something up on the stove or in the oven - that's going to be dangerous. So, the question is, who would be willing to go through such troubles just for a pair of socks? (It sounds silly, but I'm thinking about making one more pair with a slightly longer leg).

See this project on Ravelry.