Jun 30, 2015

Drops Delight Socks

I'm so exited! My colorful socks were featured in the Craftsy's Newsletter.

Yarn: Drops Delight.
Color 14 Purple Green.
Needles: Dpn US 0 - 2.0 mm.

CO 16x16x16x16 sts. 1x1 rib 5 1/2" long. 1 1/2" long in St st. Heel gusset formed by wrap and turn short row technique. Special thanks to Carol Feller and her free Craftsy class "Short Rows".

Toe dec 4 times every 2nd round, then every round until 20 sts rem. Graft 10x10 sts.

To make both socks the same color wasn’t easy, though! I bought 2 balls of yarn in the same dye lot. Made my first sock without a clue that I’m going to suffer with the next one. The next sock was started with a new ball of yarn. Color transition was in the same order, but the length of each color was different. So, I had to cut the yarn every time when I notice that I have already enough of it in my sock, wind off some amount of yarn until necessary transition begins, cut excess yarn. Luckily the yarn ball of my second sock had longer color transitions, not vs. And of coarse, keeping my first sock and comparing constantly was essential.

See this project on Ravelry.

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