Sep 2, 2013

Alpaca Farm

I have heard many times that alpacas are intelligent, cute and graceful animals... which spit when they are nervous. So, recently my husband and I decided to visit an alpaca farm. Google Maps showed a lot of them around Seattle, and luckily, we chose the right one to visit: America's Choice Alpacas. It was my first experience with alpacas. The friendly owners of the farm, Jeff and Yumi,  were very informative, and introduced us to all of their alpacas. From level zero, I learned a lot in one day!

They had two types of alpacas: Suris (or rastafarians, as Jeff called them) - with silky pencil-like locks resembling dreadlocks but without matted fibers. Suris are prized for their longer and silkier fibers.

And Huacayas (or teddy bears, as Jeff called them) - which produce a dense, soft, crimpy, sheep-like fiber.

I didn't know that alpacas have only bottom teeth and also 3 stomachs!

They are very curious animals.

They also have weird nails (almost like talons!) which are usually cut at the same time that they are shorn.

Alpacas are herd animals - you can't keep just one. Or if you do, then better keep a goat or a sheep with it as a companion.

This is the famous Optimus Prime de Peru.

Isn't he gorgeous?

Alpacas are cute...


and silly!

And, they are beautiful. I love them!

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