Nov 25, 2013

Seamless Shrug

To make this shrug I used about 2 skeins of Staccato from Shibui Knits, 5 double pointed sock needles US6/4.00mm, circular needles of the same size (can use straight needles). The Staccato yarn has superwash merino wool and silk fibers, which gives to your garments an interesting shine and I like it. The yarn is perfect for knitting a jacket or sweater. But I think that Staccato can be used for socks and it will be a luxurious long lasting warm and elegant socks. I'm tempted to try.

The process of knitting this shrug I would describe in these few steps:
1. Starting with double pointed sock needles I knitted in circles the first sleeve from down to top.
2. I switched sock needles to the circular ones and start knitting straight the back part.
3. Once I finished with the back I switched to sock needles again and start knitting in circles making the second sleeve from top down.
4. Then I blocked it. It's extremely important, because the fabric from Staccato yarn is stretching a lot.
5. Next day I picked stitches from the formed hole in between my sleeves onto circular needles and knitted 2k, 2p until I had 13 cm of a trim.
That's all basically.

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